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"This programme has changed everything… it’s changed my mindset, I’m fitter, feel stronger, feel better about myself… in 8 weeks I’ve lost 7 kilos and a few inches off my waist, I’ve noticed a massive difference everywhere”

Andy Foster, 31

"Leaner very quickly corrected everything I thought I knew about nutrition. I was sceptical at first, but here I am 16 weeks later in the leanest shape I have ever been in my life.

Joe Nespoli, 26

"This programme has completely turned my diet around - from getting my head in the right place, to understanding the importance of planning foods and how to deal with cravings. I've lost 10 kilos in total and feel so much better about myself".

Kevin Logan, 33

About Us

“We specialise in helping ambitious guys who have let themselves go lose belly fat, regain their confidence and dominate life".

— Ross Jackson and Grant Kennedy