Join the 100's of Guys We've Helped Lose Belly Fat, Transform Their Confidence and Get Their Shit Together in 8 Weeks

What's Included...

  • 3+ PT Sessions Per Week (Normal Cost £500+ Per Month)
  • Our Super Simple Calorie Controlled Meal Plans and Recipe Books We Have Used Countless Times to Help Guys Lose Between 6 and 12 Kilos of Belly Fat In 8 Weeks (Value £50)
  • Belly Busting Body Weight and Gym Based Workouts You Can Do on Your Own Emailed to You Every Day (Value £69)
  • Our Eating On The Go Guide, Which Lets You Eat Out In Your Favourite Restaurants Without Falling Off Track (Value £50)
  • Access to Our Special Leaner Goal Setting System Which Ensures You Never Need to Rely On Willpower or Motivation Again
  • A Weekly Coaching Call to Keep You On the Straight and Narrow so You Don't Give Up and Go Back to Normal After a Couple of Weeks (Value £100)
  • Access to Our Private Members Facebook Group Full of Like Minded Guys Who Will Force You to do What You Said You Would
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. If You Follow the Plan and Don't Lose AT LEAST 4kg In 8 Weeks, We'll Give You Every Penny Back, No Questions Asked


Cost £349


  • 2-5 PT Sessions Per Week 
  • Meal Plan, Over 40 Recipes, Eating On the Go Guide, Rapid Cooking Guide
  • Weekly Measurements 
  • Body Weight and Gym Based Training Programme, Workouts Emailed to You Daily
  • Flexible Booking, 20+ times to suit your schedule
  • Support Via Facebook Group, with 60+ Other Guys Keeping You Accountable
  • Daily Email Coaching

Just a Few Of The Success Stories From 8 Week Leaner

These guys were just like you - determined to do better for themselves but tired of trying and failing....

Kevin Logan, 33

"This programme has completely turned my diet around - from getting my head in the right place, to understanding the importance of planning foods and how to deal with cravings. I've lost 10 kilos in total and feel so much better about myself".

Andy Foster, 31

"This programme has changed everything… it’s changed my mindset, I’m fitter, feel stronger, feel better about myself… in 8 weeks I’ve lost 7 kilos and a few inches off my waist, I’ve noticed a massive difference everywhere”

Joe Nespoli, 26

"Leaner very quickly corrected everything I thought I knew about nutrition. I was sceptical at first, but here I am 16 weeks later in the leanest shape I have ever been in my life.

We've been exactly where you are....

Desperate to do better for ourselves, but stuck in a rut. We just lacked focus and purpose - which is why we created 8 week Leaner; to give guys just like us exactly that.

We follow the exact principles we teach in the Leaner programme every day and its helped us both lose 8 kilos, get visible abs, regain control and make progress in every aspect of our lives

8 Week Leaner 3+ x Per Week


8 Week Leaner 2 x Per Week